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Science Park Towers – a new level of sustainable construction through digitalisation

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Science Park Towers – a new level of sustainable construction through digitalisation

Infobric Group, a leading digitalisation partner to the construction industry in the Nordic region, is teaming up with client Jönköpings Fastighetsutveckling and its partner NCC to make the Science Park Towers construction project in Jönköping a model for sustainable and innovative construction processes – through digitalisation. 

The collaboration project will focus on social sustainability and resource efficiency, success factors that will be achieved with the help of the wide range of digital tools Infobric provide. Infobric’s services will be used at all stages of the project and will be an important factor in ensuring a safe, efficient, and sustainable construction project.

– Jönköpings Fastighetsutveckling’s vision for Science Park Towers is to create Sweden’s leading and most welcoming meeting place for sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation. As early as the projection stage, we wanted to integrate our vision and ensure that the construction process would be sustainable and safe through digitalisationFor this reason, we hired Infobric as our digitalisation partner following a consultation with NCC. We opted for Infobric because the company is a success story – from its business concept to its current status as an international group leading the digitalisation of the construction industry, says Magnus Olsson, CEO of JKPG Fastighetsutveckling AB.

Throughout the construction process, the project will rely on Infobric’s digital services for the qualification of individuals and suppliers, workplace inductions, authorisation management, work environment inspections, and incident management, as well for the tracking and optimising of the use of machinery, vehicles, and tools, to name but a few. Every month, with the help of data from all services, work will be followed up to continuously to improve safety and resource efficiency on site. Science Park Towers will also be a test bed for Infobric’s new innovations for the construction industry.

– NCC has previously gained sound experience in using Infobric in our projects and we are positive about developing our collaboration further to drive digital development in the construction industry.Infobric’s digitised workforce registration procedures have saved us a lot of time in the start-up phase. Both subcontractors and their workers register their information before they arrive at the construction site. When they register, workers can also access important documents, such as the Code of Conduct and Safety Rules, which they familiarise themselves with in advance. This allows us to obtain all necessary information and to ensure that everyone in the workplace has the right permissions.Thanks to Infobric’s visual tools, both we and Jönköpings Fastighetsutveckling get a clear overview of the project, something we see as very positive, says Andreas Saltin, Business Director at NCC Building Sweden.

About Science Park Towers
Science Park Towers is a partnering project between Jönköpings Fastighetsutveckling and NCC that began in 2019.
The vision is to create a meeting place of the future and a hub for Jönköping’s business, entrepreneurship, and education.
Science Park Towers will form an entire neighbourhood once completed – it is expected – in the summer of 2023.
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