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Buildsafe becomes Infobric Field

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Buildsafe becomes Infobric Field

BuildSafe, founded in 2015, provides a digital tool in which the entire project organisation at the construction site can report, resolve and analyse risks and disruptions in production. The company was acquired by Infobric in 2020. Two years later, Buildsafe will rebrand to Infobric and change their product to Infobric Field, a QHSE platform to manage construction sites.

- When welcoming BuildSafe to Infobric Group, the focus was initially on simplifying safety management and creating safer construction sites. Since then, we have continued to develop the platform with focus on QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) with the purpose of achieving similar efficiency gains on more processes on the construction site. Combined with Infobric Group’s site-centric workforce and contractor management solutions, we now have a unique software offering for managing construction sites, says Dan Friberg CEO of Infobric Group.

In the spring of 2022, BuildSafe will change their company name to Infobric and rebrand their product to Infobric Field. The team in Stockholm will be Infobric’s specialists within field tools for construction sites and Infobric Field will consist of features such as flexible form builders, plan views, document management – and most importantly continue the focus on inspections, forms, reporting and action management.

- With the new brand, we clarify our position in Infobric Group as the QHSE-platform for site management. We are excited to continue the integration with Infobric Group and support the construction industry as one company. The purpose of Infobric Field is to give you a better visibility to manage your site. At the same time, we are launching a new roadmap with a focus on additional field functionality and flexibility for customer adaptation. We are proud of the brand that we have built within safety, now we look forward to doing the same within QHSE, says CEO and Business Area Manager of Infobric Field.

In addition to an updated and rebranded product both the company and its marketing materials will be reworked in line with Infobric’s graphical profile. At the day of the launch the website is changed to

For more information:

Dan Friberg, CEO, Infobric Group
+46 707 88 75 44,

Viktor Broberg, Business Area Manager, Infobric Field
+46 732 40 34 51,

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