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Copyright: Infobric AB
Copyright: Infobric AB

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Infobric is building a group of companies to provide digital solutions for sustainable community building

The new group, Infobric Group, will be launched in October 2020. Infobric is building a Nordic group together with the acquired companies; TelliQ, Blastmanager, and Tempus, with the goal of accelerating digitalisation in areas such as the construction industry. Together, these companies contribute towards socially sustainable and resource-efficient workplaces through smart and user-friendly SaaS services. The Infobric Group is owned by Summa Equity and has a turnover of SEK 330 million.

Infobric develops smart digital services that simplify and streamline everyday life in the workplace. Several of the industries where their clients are active are in the middle of a transformation phase, where digital services and connected products can streamline processes and administration, make the work environment safer, and make it easier for companies to comply with laws and regulations. Infobric’s ambition is to accelerate digitalisation by contributing to industry-wide standards and driving rapid development for sustainable community building.

– We’re in the middle of an exciting growth journey where we’re developing our role as a strategic partner within smart digital services. Essentially, the value we add is healthier workplaces, where our clients get the help they need to reduce their administrative burden and at the same time streamline processes and make the working environment safer. We make it possible for all companies, regardless of size, to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation, says Dan Friberg, CEO of Infobric Group.

From a larger perspective, Infobric's services contribute to healthier competition by counteracting undeclared work, among other things. In the construction sector alone, tax evasion is estimated to cost the state billions every year. The construction industry is also the most affected by accidents, with the highest number of workplace-related fatalities. Through digital solutions, Infobric is contributing to security, efficiency and competition on equal terms in a vulnerable industry. One example is attendance control, where Infobric's services provide full control over which individuals and companies are present in the workplace without compromising accessibility for authorised persons.

As of October 2020, the acquired companies and the parent company will form a group together under a single brand - Infobric. The joint offering of services that contribute to safer, more efficient and, by extension, more sustainable workplaces will be grouped under the product name, Ease. The offering is scalable and adapted for both large small companies and includes services for entry and access, management of vehicles, machines, and tools, and time reporting as well as management systems for blasting work. To signal the step forward into becoming a complete digital partner for sustainable community building, a new graphic identity, communication concept, and website have also been developed.




Dan Friberg

Dan Friberg

Group CEO

Infobric Group is a leading provider of software solutions that set new standards for a resource-efficient and sustainable construction industry.

We are on a mission to digitalise the construction industry – with a clear focus on making it more productive, safer, and more sustainable. We offer easy-to-use solutions for complex problems that are ready to be integrated in our customer’s digital ecosystems.

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